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Ischia, the “Green Island”. Our first approach

Tons of pages are available online about Ischia. Some are technically oriented, many were drawn-up from the tourist perspective, some other take into consideration its natural environment, geology and climate.

A typical map of Ischia on a wall

Map of Ischia on tiles

It’s a dirty job but someone has got to do it: so, let’s try to look at Ischia through the eyes of a traveller who reaches its territory without knowing almost anything about  it.

Arriving from Naples, the first impression ones gets is of a huge multifaceted territory whose central point stands out significantly in comparison to the rest of the island. It is the Mount Epomeo (789 m above sea level), covered by incredible vegetation on all its slopes up to its peak where – but our Ischia-beginner does not yet know it! – sometimes snow generously falls. Climbing up to its top is a marvellous experience as the view to enjoy around is simply unique!

With its 789 m is Mount Epomeo the tallest top of Ischia

Mount Epomeo, the highest peak on the island of Ischia

After your “mountain” experience it’s time to enjoy one of the most marvellous aspects of Ischia: its sea! Let’s go the Maronti beach on the southern side of the island: more than 2 km of gorgeous shore ending with the luxuriant peninsula of Torre Sant’Angelo (Natural Reserve) which is also home to the marina of Sant’Angelo, the charming fishermen village where time has stopped going by.

The largest beach on the island of Ischia, the Maronti shore is located on the southern part of the island

A paramount view of the Maronti shore on Ischia

The isthmus connecting Torre and the village is made on both sides by sand and is a further suggestion to spend a day on the beach, apart from the Maronti beach itself, where lots of attractive places are to be visited:

  • the Fumaroles (where sand is really hot thanks to the thermal vapour and water under its surface) which offer you the mouthwatering opportunity of cooking chicken, fish, eggs, potatoes and vegetables under the sand!
  • Cavascura: an ancient Spa where it is possible to enjoy thermal baths and mud wrappings in suggestive surroundings.
  • Olmitello: a thermal spring gushing out from the mountain slopes behind the Maronti beach. An extremely natural ambience where wellbeing and relaxation play the main role.

The Thermal Baths of Cavascura on the western side of Maronti Beach

Cavascura Thermal Baths at Maronti Beach


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Naples – the City Centre

There are some unique places in the world. Ok, it seems a trite sentence like many others on the internet but it isn’t. 

What I mean is that Naples definitely belongs to those destinations on the planet which really own a special, strong personality, history, architecture and atmosphere that make them unforgettable and unmistakable.

Castel dell'Ovo is located in the heart of Naples and connected to the mainland by a cliff

Castel dell’Ovo opposite to Via Partenope – Naples

It is the complex result of its long-lasting history mixed with the very distinctive culture and nature of its inhabitants. In Naples comic and tragic spirit go walking together: life is a daily challenge which must be faced with irony, wisdom, daring and courage. Simple to say, hard to do… But Neapolitans do it at best!

Let’s start our virtual tour by arriving by ferry to the harbour of Naples fromIschia: the impact is immediately impressive: Naples climbs up from the sea to the hills of Capodimonte while smiling to the sun and the sea. It can be easily defined as a vertical city with numberless different landscapes in a multifaceted morphology. Castel dell’Ovo watches over the city and its inhabitants…

Naples panorama from the cliff of Via Caracciolo

The breathtaking panorama of Naples and Mergellina from Via Caracciolo, close to Piazza Vittoria and Piazza dei Martiri, linked each other by the prestigious Via Calabritto

Let’s start from its neverending waterfront with its well-known promenade (Via Caracciolo, Via Partenope, Via Marina, Via Acton to name but a few) which has recently become a relaxing pedestrian area where to stroll up and down, taste a mouthwatering pizza on one of the charming restaurants pizzeria with sitting area outdoor overlooking the sea, walk through the Villa Comunale, bike or skate all around, read a newspaper on a bench kissed by the sun and drink an aperitif with one’s beloved while wondering how is it possible to live in such an atmospheric place, which is nevertheless forced to face lots of contradictions.

One of the most famous and extensive squares in Naples: Piazza Plebiscito

Piazza Plebiscito with the Church of St. Francesco di Paola – Naples

Here you are with the outstanding Piazza Plebiscito and the Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) opposite to it!

Take a look also in the interiors of Palazzo Reale, where noteworthy art and historical exhibitions, concerts of classic music and political events take place throughout the year.

Palazzo Reale facing Piazza Plebiscito in Naples, is home to art exhibitions, concerts of classic music and noteworthy political events.

Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) in Naples opposite to Piazza Plebiscito

It’s time to reach Piazza Trieste e Trento with its lovely fountain in the middle and the famous Via Chiaia and Via Toledo on two of its sides, where shopping and social life are more than intense. Through Via Toledo we can reach the ancient district of Montesanto where typical stalls follow each other and great deals are available everywhere.

A few steps away is located the huge Piazza Municipio. To reach it, we’ll enjoy the sight of one of the most significant theatres in Italy and abroad: San Carlo. Opposite to it, the majestic Galleria Umberto I stands out with its magnificent architecture.

Maschio Angioino inh Piazza Municipio in  Naples

Maschio Angioino in Piazza Municipio – Naples

Let’s now go on Via Toledo, pass through Piazza Dante and then follow the lanes on the right: we will reach one of the most characteristic districts of Naples: San Gregorio Armeno, where gorgeous handicraft little statues (embodying international personalities) and Christmas cribs are sold on wood stalls. Well-worth visiting!

The ancient handicraft tradition still lives in San Gregorio Armeno, Naples

Typical handicraft products in San Gregorio Armeno – Naples

The best conclusion of your first virtual tour in Naples? Taste one of the good-luck charms below and you will never be at the mercy of fate!

Good-luck charms in Spaccanapoli, Naples are also tasty

Good-luck charms in Spaccanapoli – Naples

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Just like a necklace of pearls, Positano belongs to the most sought after destinations on the Amalfi Coast along with Cetara, Furore, Maiori, Minori, Praiano, Amalfi, Ravello, and Vietri sul Mare.

Positano (Amalfi Coast)

Positano (Amalfi Coast)

Positano, one of the most exclusive fishermen villages in the world, superbly lies on the “Divine Coast” (as the whole Amalfi Coast is nicknamed), boasting its tipical terraced morphology. This frequent characteristic of the Campania region mainly consists of sheer cliffs diving into the sea; moreover, it also originates the unmistakable “climbing” houses which do not know (and will never!) what is a plain…

From the breathtaking nature surrounding it with scents of lemon and sea it draws inspiration also in the field of its handicraft, well-appreciated not only in Italy but all over the world.

Typical lanes in Positano

Typical lanes in Positano

From its high cliffs Positano plunges vertically down to the sea: the long, panorama route leading down to the town centre offers innumerable dining facilities and cafès, fashion boutiques, and typical workshops, alternated with unique viewpoints.

Feeling like following a very special shortcut? Then it’s time to go down through the typical stairways of Positano where to enjoy a break in one of the gorgeous cafés with outdoor sitting facilities and on one of the comfortable viewpoints to take pictures and shoot a video of this unforgettable place!

In addition to this amazing beauty, the beaches in Positano lazily stretch in harmonious sequence, alternated with wild bays which can be reached exclusively by sea.

Beaches in Positano

Beaches in Positano

Furthermore, there is a special “frame” around Positano: three pretty, small islands, called “dei Galli” and nicknamed “le Sirenuse” (i.e. “belonging to the sirens”) thanks to the legend about them and their life in these echanting surroundings.

However, reality is not less imaginative: in fact, many Vips all over the world constantly choose Positano as one of their favourite getaways where to regenerate and relax.

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The magic of Campania

Located in the southern part of the Italian Peninsula and facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Campania Region is an astonishing land rich in art, history, must-see places and natural beauties which melt together harmoniously.

St. Angelo (Ischia Island)

St. Angelo (Ischia Island)

In such breathtaking surroundings an exclusive role is played both by the mouthwatering Mediterranean gastronomy, undoubtedly one of the most tempting all over the world with its incredible variety of flavours, and the warm hospitality of the local people who surely contribute to make Campania an area to be definitely kept in mind.

Maschio Angioino (Naples)

Maschio Angioino (Naples)

Along with its more than precious art & culture heritage to be enjoyed in capital cities like Naples and in historical sites like Paestum, Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Caserta as well, Campania also offers lots of sand beaches washed by the cobalt blue sea (let’s think about the Islands in the Gulf of Naples, the Cilento region, and the Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast), extensive pine and chestnut woods (especially in the impressive Irpinia region) and majestic mountains along the Apennines up to more than 3,000 m (both in Irpinia and in Sannio).



Furthermore, the boundless availability of wellbeing offers and packages all over the region makes it possible to enjoy a global state of wellbeing even increased by the thermal heritage of towns as Ischia or Telese. There and eveywhere in Campania the magic results produced by heliotherapy and thalassotherapy combined with the mild local climate are the added value which makes this Italian region a unique one even for the most demanding tourists and travelers.

Sunset by the sea in Campania

Sunset by the sea in Campania

Spend your next holidays in art cities or plunge into Spas & thermal baths, enjoy your next weekend by the sea or go walking & trekking throughout the enchanting Campania nature, discover Medieval and Renaissance villages in Sannio or go shopping, taste your next enogastronomy programme or experience a long weekend by one of the local lakes… A number of well-worth discovering opportunities all around the mainland and the islands in Campania!

Enjoy your next regenerate stay in this lovely area in southern Italy by booking your hotel on Campania Hotel!

Ravello (Amalfi Coast)

Ravello (Amalfi Coast)

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Welcome to Campania Hotel!

Let’s get in touch with one of the most charming Regions in Italy, Campania!

Here is Paestum: it lies in the southern part of Campania in the Cilento region and boasts even millennia of history, started in the prehistoric era.Image

Greeks left their inestimable heritage in its sorroundings by means of three majestic temples just like the one in the picture above.